Welcome to the homepage of the Black Falcon School of Arms. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and re-constructing historical European martial arts in Colorado Springs, CO. Our main focus is to re-construct the art of late medieval and early Renaissance English longsword combat. We pursue our goal through research of texts, images and artifacts from the period along with cooperation and support from the greater European martial arts community.

The intent of this website is to inform interested parties about the BFSA, to share research and insights with the community, and to further the goals of the BFSA as stated in our mission statement. Please use the navigation bar at the top of the page to explore the site, learn about the BFSA, and to contact us for more information. At the bottom of each page you will find a link back to this homepage, a link to contact us, and information about upcoming beginner's classes as well as a link to our mission statement, should that be of interest. This page is updated periodically but for the most current information we recommend following one of the social media links below.